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These days we usually hear or read that life style gadgets are the "thing". The format is smaller and design is spectacular.
Lifestyle…wow!…feel that...may as well be happy with a couple of earphones. 

A man from the States describes in a letter to a hi-fi magazine a request (order) he got from his wife... "Get rid of your beloved HPM-100 (pioneer loudspeakers from the seventies) and buy something more suitable”.

After a couple of weeks searching and listening to different speakers he noticed that he couldn’t find anything to compare to his own HPM-100 for a price less than 4000 dollars.

He ended the letter with …“If I have to be separated...it certainly won`t be from my loudspeakers”.

It is a fact that sound systems from the seventies had a quality second to none, and can never be disregarded.

There are of course excellent sounding products today as well, but those which can compare cost the earth!…plus the fact that the lack of guarantees concerning minor damages won´t always be easily repaired without changing the whole circuit card.

It is lessons like these and the great love of music we have.... that spurred us to make this website...and we shall continue updating as we go along  finding new things.


      Sound is air that moves


Kenwood corner

Our lovely Mitsubishi tower

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