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                              Kenwood L-7T


  Kenwood-turnern 7T, or L-077 ", is compared with the stem stage L-07C a similar formulated device but however a near of light glaring play — the long reconciliation the scale and the two indicators shines with a clear light. as one has big practical good of then one places the recipient on top of the dark L-07C.

Tunern does not come clearlily in something else carrying out than the as matches other L-komponenters; the points on that one from the producer's side surely meager thought itself other queue pair some categories than the brand's own, since the whole design with tripod paste-up front and profilerade ursparingar does not fit together with something else in device road.

Tunern has the in Japanese and USA common, the broad reconciliation area 88 — 108 MHz. and the scale is clear with good etching on figures and scale dashes. The precision is not measured but seems fullily reliable compared with well-known reference receivers (±100-200 kilohertz).

The applicable stereokänsligheten is stated to 38 mV with 75 ohms' unbalanced aerial signal. This worth — that however intends 50 dB S/N. does not place Kenwood in the good part of tunerbeståndet. The exists receivers with far high stereokänslighet, approximately 12—13 mV and good, for a reasonable high S/N. we had at our tests a not too long distance to Nackasändarens masts, and with a common centralantenninstallation in in a quite disturbance fulfilled and electrical saturated town environment in Stockholm's downtown might we a good. noise free office hour with an indicated. full signal strength on “'the meter”. Such will one however not blind trust. special not about the is question about the very the simple type's instruments. The can sensible “full inspänning”. then the real is question about almost zero. Kenwoods seems to consult to the category clearly good than the average with sansade rashes. — during all normal conditions is enough tunerns känslighet well to.

Some snedavstämring against the rash on the detector indicator. “tuning” (the zero review) in the middle situation not needed be done for subjective goodliest office hour and lowliest distorsion respective centrering of the correct mottagarfrekvensen. The is otherwise almost rule, special at a part receiverapparatur. that one must lopsided set tuningnålen little in order to the reflexionsfria the signal from the transmitter will “makeacommitmentto” OKAY. Both instruments are big, clear and pleasant välbelysta.

Avstämningsratten is quite good and seems reasonableily distinct in your exchange and function. Ratt-typen is identical with first own, clear is that one intends tunern in a “packets” L-grejor and hardly bought as independent recipient. Dolby-föreslagen time constant applicable finesse on tunern

Looks we on fram- och the backpanels at this strict and right angle slanted lägmodularen. finds we indicators for stereomottagning respective m/w-filtret, as got a button next to, plus a stereo/monoomkopplare, a brusspärr for quiet avsökning (“mu-ting”) and. as now seems to become standard pä Japan's most lavish receivers, a selector for mf-filterbandbredden: normal/spreads and narrow. This is. as been investigated a lot of in the previous, a little TV encouraged thing. which been shown with a pair other topprankade konstruktioner as examples. The thought and the desired properties show up not at all in that extent that konstruktörerna believed, because mf-filtren is not trimbara in itself, among other thing. And abruptly about against what as be intended increases distorsionen undergoing in the broad situation for stereo, despite dg obeskurna the side bands.

For Kenwoods part might we not forward some lyssningsmässigt directly significant differences between the situations, although smalbandskarakteristiken let goodliest. Mätdata shows also clearlily, that the meager exists needs of the double band the sympathy in mf-delen with our relations. The is a finesse that should be reserved longlily bad relations, and the should then function goodly than the does in today's tuners. That is some one should utröna during quite sa individual conditions than the prevailing.

However has Kenwood 7T that oddity — at least was consulted the with provexet — that the signal considerable was muffled during a full measurable period at the changing overs, before full signal strength comes again. Tunern is blocked therefore momentarily between the stations with the aid of a reed-relä. On this way, one can effective eliminate chock noises.

The the whole is however some meager disadvantage: A Swedish consumer willed probably surely entire clear to let the recipient to remain suspended in ettdera the situation after some introductory, simple tests against the local transmitter.

What tunern further proves to have that a high applicable finesse should make happy them that intends to record on tape a lot of acrimonious the: Baktill sits bolting corporal punishment for eligible tidkonstanter: Alltefter requirements can one in this S-märkta Europaversionen the few part's standard's 50 MS's mist edge increase or “stem emphasis '”, part's rearrange for 25 MS korrektion for connection of noise reduction electronics type Dolby. (the is from the start also a proposal from Dr. Ray Dolby about introducing 25 MS that RT informed about earlier.) this is a ytterligt seldom occurring finesse — on straight arm can we only to remember an of Technics big cartridge decks as got this detail in these current price ranges.

An anna delicate thing, and a that then is considerablily common, is the double ends for oscilloskopan-slutning baktill, over which one can few out mf - signalen direct for control of different conditions, among other thing löptiderna.


Good filterkarakteristik with the new surface balance the filters

On proves to have this välgjorda and smooth operational recipient a radical new solution, lets to last an as long been approaching and a that also makes one's debut now in competitor a make: Acoustic surface balance filters in mf-delen, a type's close mechanical filters, as on 1970-talet attracted both European and Japanese researchers. In Europe, one has at t ex Plessey in England and Philips in Holland studied surface balance these concepts, and developed versions can is waited.

A big stumbling block at the production of FM-mot-tagare of high and specified quality is mf - the filter part. as concurrent must give the properties high horror cleanness respective precipitous moderation for signal outside the passport band and good flankbranthet.

With the costly and the special crystal filters can one reach good flankbranthet but fasvridningen becomes as a rule quite big.

The ceramic filters, in särklass common in Japanese konstruktioner, is good in that respect, but the is not neither trimbara and flankbrantheten not in particular dominant.

The strainer both types must be compensated with some mould of LC-länk in order to undertryckningen of signals outside the passport band will become high enough. With a sufficient big number LC-länkar can one. theoretical, few forward a good filter. The disadvantage with the procedure is that the becomes tricky to have a turnover of to series production relations: Intrimningen becomes tidkrä-vande, complicated and expensive. Both the. legendariska Marantz 19 B and 20 and late Sequer-ras tuners became one forced that trimma in with computer assistances, since the attitudes became so many. (Marantz-modellerna had LC-nät. Se-querran a 18-poligt mf-filter!)

The problems with the filters may now a new and more production tailored solution with the surface balance filter. The is produced namely directlily for certain passport a band, and in the production has one control over the filter's transfer function — the requires therefore no external intrimning. dä that part lies in the request the actual process.

Ytvågsfilter can be done the practical while for which frekvens- och horror aisle man wants to. The technology permits request for optimum data also in the most uppdrivna series production. Due to the problem proposing that adaptation seems the to last the ideal filter for fabrikanter of FM-delar. Safe comes we during the near years to find the concept in long several than the from JVC and Kenwood that now makes one's debut.

Tjockfilmtekniken can be used for news

What characterizes then these structures, in which an acoustic road to be brought forth?

The filters are edified on a piezoelektrisk. metal ice row crystal structure with electrodes anbragta according to a certain enlistment. Sees/ig.

Teknologiskt considered compares the request process the as is used at the monolitiska respective tunn- och the mist film technology. in the that one in vacuum fits ultratunna metal stratum on a ceramic substrat. The meets therefore no obstacles that one uses today's production tool wide production of surface wave filters.

In Europe produced already Plessey therefore such. Using those aces among other thing in TV recipients, where the replaced normal, complicated LC-nät.

An entire row good properties as high separation, good linearitet and fasjämnhet can be derived to mf-filtren. For Kenwood is stated a kanalseparation about between 50 and 32 dB between 50 and Hz and 10 kilohertz, which of course kind replies against what both records and pick uper holds at radio provided mu whitefish. S/N is stated to 75 dB in stereo, a good value in the upper class.

The high sound quality net why not a “civilian” variant?

The signal goes in stableily and remains earning fullily unaffected of all those thousand enraged disturbances one can to find in an operated and tättbefolkad town smirks jö with many reflexer: electric engines and hoists, stimulus disturbances from car engines and tvåtaktare, miscellaneous magnet field ETC. The sound is fritt acrimonious impact. The lets clearlily, natural and pleasant clean — an of us can for that judgment to draw good of its detailed awareness about Swedish Broadcasting Corporation:s production sounds and fi-deliteten in those stages.

No carrying objections exist more or less against Kenwoods L-serietuner — not other than that the enough should “be dressed of” and is given a little civilian suit in order to tillmötesgå the interested, which can intend themselves to purchase the. but only the, and therefore wants to have a neutral look on höljet. Now, the recipient is shaped on la tripod assembled monitor recipient and is military grey green. Certain is this also statues: Reverse imponatorkaraktär… but long from all wants to however to have the so.

The as in which property that entire pc wants to to this interesting FM-delen may pay with approximately 3 800 sek. which we think is a non unreasonable price for a both mechanically particularly stable and electrical clear välgjord receivers, which t ex seems solidly done than earlier checked Accuphase in a part respects. Kenwooden is more enclosed and has little thick plate profiles ETC than a part competitors. Perhaps done for “field customs” — but enough should one let the to pick quarrel. ? Compared with Kenwood 600T measures the poor but lets goodly, thinks we.  


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