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Luxor each rewritten of many reasons then the company underwent extensive restructurings that meant that an of the few HiFi-produkler that one still produced later in Motala each speaker. And speakers each one long proficient on doing at Vätterns beach. L-Orcheslra each no exception, however.

The structure is a sk transmission Line. which meant that. the basis elements baked beams their sound in in drum an electricity that week tea on two places and ends out occupying bad on the reverse. Participate gives basarna a charge that gives a straight frequency time quite far down in the basis. In L-Orchestra has one double of all elements: bazaar, average registers and mist edges. Two the late element the types sit in their entirely closed chambers.

The speaker is big, over a meter high. but the is quite narrow and therefore easy to place also in normal home interior. An advantage with the structure is that the mist edge to be glared out on a height that is appropriate for the as sitter and listens, namely in increased with the ear.

The measurements indicate an exceptional even frequency gang down to 50 Hz where the volume of sound since falls quicklily. The speakers have an even dissemination over the audible frequency the area with sufficiently spread in order to one will few an exceptional delicate stereointryck. The effectiveness is exceptionallily high and the impedance over the the current tonne the whole area sufficiently high for the amplifier will not be set for big strains than the been designed for. Tonburstsvaren (sees below) is relativelily good.

Lyssningsintrycken is primarily that one sheep an exceptional clean sound with a lot of delicate stereoeffekt. Frekvensområdet is covered in well for classic music that does not contain too deep basis. and precisely classic and acoustic music lets excellentlily. The deep basis is not strong and therefore lets pop music quite tame in the bottom register. But one can of course link on “Loudness” and tonne controls for all to help up the basis and then detects one that the goes that few mycken and clean basis also.

A thing that was detected each that L. - Orchestra requires good amplifier. Admittedly not in order to the impedance at the speaker requires the, without the is enough more so that. a good speaker often has a tendency to unmask mis- at other components in stereoanläggningen.



Type: Transmission Line. Maximum märkuteffekt: 200 W. impedance: 8 ohms. Frekvensgång: 30 - 20.000 Hz. Effectiveness: 93 dB (1 W. 1 m). Numbers elements: 6 pcs. Basregister: 2 pcs 25 cms. Mellanregister: 2 pcs 10 cms. Diskantregister: 2 pcs 2,5 cms dome. Delningsfrekvens: 650, 3000 Hz. Measures with pedestal and front: 340x1090x400 mm. Folded: 30 kg. Connection: Snabbkoppling.

Measured nominal impedance according to YOUR: 8 ohms. Effectiveness: 0.5%. The speaker satisfied on floors 1 meters from wall. Frekvenskurva, O-nivån=50 dB rel. 1 pW. Övertonskurva, O-nivån=30 dB rel. 1 pW. Peels: the distance between scale each dash=1 dB.


Övertonskurva. O-nlvan=40 dB rel. 1 pW

Satisfied with 10 dB high allocated effect than tonne huddling used to


Impedanskurvor amplitude


Below, you see Tonburstsvar: Put on excitement: 2 volts slnus Mätavstånd: 0,2 m in the element's O-axel




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