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    UNAMCO T-1     

Let us present  a record player from UNAMCO with performance and possibilities that does the suitable too much qualified use.

1. Long tonne arm. The length from tip of a needle to vridningspunkt is 11 ". Distorsionen becomes low of course the small angle error is. The is no idea to chase lowliest distorsionssiffror at pick-uper and amplifiers if one not at the same time sees up with the tonne arm. In correct studio's is used therefore so sweets that excluding long tonne arms.

2. Big dish. Many record player stem home custom has good wobbling the host in beginning. But wear in the stores and particles in transmissionen increases the wobbling. Studio record a player has bl.a extra big dish with the mass close to the periphery in order to neutralize this. UNAMCOT-1 has a dish with big “flywheel value” then the big part of the mass is close to the periphery.

3. Extreme easily tonne wretched. Despite the length 11 " is the arm a lot of let. This has been achieved through choices of materials, though pick-up-skal and direct assembly of pick-up in this. One gets away thereby also unnecessary contact transfers. - Friktionsmomenten at spets- och sliding lager so low that — for the tonne arm's part — 0,25 ponds stylus force is enough for spårning.

4. Internal fjädring. Tonarm and dish is assembled on a separate internal chassis, fjädrande suspended in the extraneous. T-1 is practicallily taken entirelily okänslig for acoustic återkoppling and shocks in vertical evil. One gets away also interfered sound in the speakers at contact of record playing clean or for example stampningar in floors.

5. Friktionskopplad hydraullyft. One can before each nedsänkning choose height without holding the maneuver arm. For example 1 mm if one desires so good as momentary contact with the record track. Excellent at transfer record tied in home studio. For more professional custom, adapter comes for fast pc articles to exist as extra accessory. One lets then the stylus to lie in the track.

6. An unit. The record the whole player can easily be threaded from its wood veiling pursues inmontering in bench. Skivspelaren does not lose some of the as been stated in point 4 through such a arrangements.

Guaranteed mimidata: Wobbling 0,05%, rumble - 65 dB, weighed DIN-värden. Current copies lie in the class 0,03- 0,05% respective - 65 to - 69 dB. The is visible difficultlily, with measuring technique according to YOUR, to measure longly down. Centrering, planhet and noise freedom at test records sets here the boundary.

Other: Skivspelaren manual. 33 and 45 varv. 24-polig synchronous engine, strap operation. Was delivered as standard in Sweden with Ortofon SL1 5 and transformer for this.





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